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Four generations of Pecorari family have worked passionately to help create and develop one of Friuli’s most representative wine estates. 

1981 was the turning point in the history of the winery. That was the year they introduced a new approach to production aimed at up-grading quality.


Lis Neris Headquarters

White wines proved to be the best expression of Lis Neris “terroir” and they became the focus of the winery's mission. Their aim today is to produce wines of increasingly high quality and their role is to create the conditions to let this happen. 

We had the opportunity to work together with the Lis Neris' team and with our photographer Rocco Ceselin we managed to tell through photographs the story, tradition, and passion of the Pecorari family in producing wines of the highest quality.

Lis Neris Vineyards
San Lorenzo Isontino Bell Tower