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FlyWithWine is a global leader company, based in the heart of Napa Valley, emerged from a passion to address a widespread challenge encountered by wine enthusiasts globally: the quest to safety transport cherished bottles of wine from charming vineyards to their homes. This pursuit often accompanies the dream of visiting revered wineries worldwide.

Behind FlyWithWine is a team of wine and spirit enthusiasts, globetrotters, and creative thinkers living and breathing in the wine industry in the North of California.


Lifestyle in Napa Valley with Vingarde Valise

Our collaboration with FlyWithWine centered on a key objective: to design and develop a contemporary and engaging website, enriched with a visually stunning portfolio of photographs and videos. Our creative endeavor went beyond simply showcasing their elegant, stylish, robust, and versatile suitcases. We aimed to capture the essence of a lifestyle that these products embody — illustrating how seamlessly they integrate into the lives of wine enthusiasts.

Through our photography and videography by Rocco Ceselin, we didn't just highlight the product; we told a story of convenience, elegance, and passion. Our visuals depicted scenarios where FlyWithWine's suitcases are not just accessories, but essential companions in the wine lover’s journey, enhancing their experiences from vineyards to home.