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Ettore Winery is a certified organic winery based in Hopland, California (Mendocino County), renowned for its organic wines and premium olive oil.

In the last two years we worked together with Ettore’s team on a new project and we had the opportunity to delve deeply into their philosophy, which centers on the crucial importance of sustaining ecological balance by embracing organic farming practices.

We designed a new and fresh website that reflects the elegance and natural simplicity of their organic wines and the culture and passion for biodiversity.



Captured through the lens of photographer and filmmaker Rocco Ceselin, our visuals bring to life the winery's picturesque vineyards, the rich tapestry of native flora, and the captivating transformation through the seasons, alongside the detailed process of winemaking.

In our styling approach, meticulous attention to detail was essential. Our objective was to create visuals that accurately represent the diverse notes and subtle flavors of each wine, transforming the winery's complex flavor profiles into captivating images, which now serve as the foundation of their updated website and social media campaign.

Managing their social media platforms, we focused on crafting content that not only highlights the winery's unique qualities but also resonates with the values and interests of organic wine’s connoisseurs.

This approach was designed to increase engagement and interaction on their social channels, aiming to build and nurture a dedicated community of followers who share a passion for organic wines.